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16 Mar '17

Personalized Wedding Hangers Collection

Posted by Xiangju Qin

To better show all Bridenew styles of personalized wedding hangers, I made a collection for most of basic designs of them. Come to www.bridenew.com to see the details. 

bridenew personalized wedding hangers collection for basic styles

15 Mar '17

All fonts used for Bridenew Wire Name Wedding Hangers

We got a chance today to make a collection of all fonts used on Bridenew wire name wedding hangers. We have created 5 fonts specially for wire letters to be used on bridal hangers. People have all different tastes so they like to try different styles. Our skilled benders could create any font as seen in the market and this gives us a great opportunity to design all kinds of wedding dress hangers. 

Bridenew Wire Name Wedding Dress Hanger FONT A 

bridenew wedding hanger

Bridenew Wire Name Wedding Hanger Font B

bridenew wedding hanger font b

Bridenew Wedding Dress Hanger Font C

bridenew wedding dress hanger with wire bride name font c

Bridenew Wedding Dress Hanger Font D

bridenew wedding hanger with wire name font d

Bridenew Wedding Dress Hanger Font E

bridenew wedding dress hanger with wire bride name font E

13 Mar '17

Gift Each Bridesmaid a Wedding Hanger with Her Name on

Gifting each Bridesmaid in a perfect way is what each bride should think over and over in wedding planning. You should gift each girl with a meaningful item to thank her for her help and attendance to your wedding celebration and you also want it to have something related to your wedding. 

A bridesmaid wedding dress hanger with each girl's name will be a perfect one. In the wedding, you display each girl's dress on this hanger and ask the photographer to take a picture of all of the dresses. After wedding, the girls take the hangers back to their home for keepsakes and they will always remember the pleasant moments while attending your wedding. 


Each hanger is personalized so you can choose to display bridesmaids' names or just the title. Wedding date could be engraved on the hanger's arm too. 

And, don't forget your mom. The day of being mother of the bride should be one of the most significant days in a mom's life.

Visit Bridenew homepage (https://www.bridenew.com)for more wonderful wedding gift ideas. 

12 Mar '17

Find the Best Wire Name Wedding Hangers at Affordable Prices

What's a personalized wire name wedding hanger? 
A personalized wire name wedding hanger is a wood hanger assembled with a bride name, bridesmaid name or a phrase made of aluminum wire. With the bride's newly taken last name hanging above her wedding dress before she slip it on, this bridal hanger is really meaningful for wedding dress photography. 
Finding a proper hanger to hang the wedding dress has become a necessary part for a perfect wedding planning. That's why a personalized wedding dress hanger has become a hot gift idea for brides and bridesmaids. We have seen a lot of brides-to-be shed tears when they were gifted such a custom hanger at their wedding showers. 
How to make a wire name hanger? 
The wire name is purely handmade and then assembled on a wood hanger. Bending the wire into a name is the most difficult and key part. You need to find the proper style of wire. Everybody could do it as long as you have time and patience to source the wire and hanger and to practice bending skills.
Making a wedding hanger by yourself is really fun, but If you could get a better one in 10-15 days at just 12-15 bucks including shipping, why bother spending over $10 for materials and over a week to make the letters look like letters? You need a professional vendor like Bridenew who supplies great wire name hangers at affordable prices. With us, there are no worries about skills, materials, packaging and stunning designs. 
Unlike most of the vendors who make products at home, Bridenew has grown up from a home maker to a professional team with capacity of producing over 200 custom hangers within one single day. In our team, benders do bending, assemblers do assembling and packagers do packaging. Every member is professional and that makes our goals happen: high efficiency, great quality and quick shipping. 
We have developed 4 more different fonts to meet the interests of customers. 
 Bridnew wedding hanger - font B
                                      Bridenew Personalized wedding Hanger - Font B
Bridenew wire name wedding hanger- Font C
Bridenew personalized wire name wedding hanger - Font D
 wedding hanger Font E
Bridenew custom bridal wedding hanger - Font E
We don't only make hangers with just names. We also do wedding dress hangers with dates and charms. 
Every Bridenew wedding hanger has a notch at each end so you don't need to worry that the straps will slide off. 
Each hanger is strong enough to hold up to 10kgs so even if your wedding gown is super long and heavy, feel safe so hang it on. 
You don't want to ruin your wedding shower gift on the way, so protecting the dedicated wire name is a big issue. We designed a protective poly foam case specially for wire name hangers. It will protect your hangers perfectly in the long way delivery. It's also a great storage for the meaningful hanger after the wedding celebration for keepsake.
 Bridenew wedding hanger case
Bridenew has the capacity to ship each order for personalized bridal hangers out within 24 hours after payment. So even though we ship from China and each hanger is one of a kind, we could deliver it 10-15 days after ordering date. 
About postage, don't be cheated by Etsy sellers. They charge you over $10 for local shipping and tell you the parcel is big. This is ridiculous. Each hanger weights about 150g so it will never cost so much even for USPS first class. When a seller like us from China could ship it at $4 and guarantee delivery in 15 days, how could local US sellers charge you $10 and offer an even longer turnaround? 
08 Mar '17

What is a Personalized Wedding Hanger?

Posted by Yuan Chen

What is it?

A personalized wedding hanger is also called as custom bridal hanger or wedding dress hanger. It is a dress hanger assembled with personalized information like bride names, bridesmaid names, wedding date or other information people feel interesting or funny for a wedding.
A wedding planning process includes finding a perfect hanger on which to display the wedding dress for the must-have photo of it hanging neatly (preferably in front of a beautifully, naturally lit window) before you slip it on. A well made and personalized wedding hanger adds the finishing touch to that picture. 
Wedding hangers are also hot gifting ideas for bridal showers and parties. Many brides gift each bridesmaid a hanger with her name on to show appreciation to her help and attendance. 

Styles of personalized wedding hangers

We have introduced that in below article:

4 basic styles of wedding hangers

What information to show

  • Last Names. For a bride, people used to show the last name following "Mrs". Some brides are hesitated to take their husbands' new last names so they choose to display their own first names or phrases like "Forever Love". 
  • First Names. For bridesmaid hangers, the first names are more frequently used. 
  • Wedding Dates. Wedding dates could also be added or engraved on the hangers. 
  • Phrases, like "Forever Love", "True Love", "Wifey". 

Where to buy

You could find a lot of designs at below sites:


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