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13 Mar '17

Gift Each Bridesmaid a Wedding Hanger with Her Name on

Gifting each Bridesmaid in a perfect way is what each bride should think over and over in wedding planning. You should gift each girl with a meaningful item to thank her for her help and attendance to your wedding celebration and you also want it to have something related to your wedding. 

A bridesmaid wedding dress hanger with each girl's name will be a perfect one. In the wedding, you display each girl's dress on this hanger and ask the photographer to take a picture of all of the dresses. After wedding, the girls take the hangers back to their home for keepsakes and they will always remember the pleasant moments while attending your wedding. 


Each hanger is personalized so you can choose to display bridesmaids' names or just the title. Wedding date could be engraved on the hanger's arm too. 

And, don't forget your mom. The day of being mother of the bride should be one of the most significant days in a mom's life.

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